JoshRamsay: YES

JoshRamsay: alrighty my friends. I'm going on vacation for a week. See you when I get back! Love you guys!

JoshRamsay: Ever After takes place in another world. A creepy sort of Toy Land. But first we had to get there. lured and trapped

JoshRamsay: Medieval times with @mtrench mike @trench_tech and @dannyfernandes was ridiculous. Lot of horse dancing. #JustFuckingJoust

JoshRamsay: @lovetoyoux acting

JoshRamsay: hahahaha this is so awesome! I love seeing people "teach" my songs wrong, and the sweet accent is the cherry on top

JoshRamsay: I don't advocate the use of drugs. Unless it leads to more of these videos

JoshRamsay: Also stevie wonder, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin (spelling?). All amazing for different reasons

JoshRamsay: RT @mtrench: So @cokezero we make no exaggeration about @JoshRamsay and his love for u. This is ...

JoshRamsay: @alyssapinski u were there!? Dde why didn't u come up and sit with us?